Back to the hybrid version of your choice to attend club meeting via IN-PERSON or ZOOM platforms. The continued excellent editing talents of C-Vision Productions (Chris Laskowski) is allowing us to make better use of the taped and edited meetings posted weekly to You Tube and use them as our new "In Review" format. This will eliminate the duty of "The Barker" note taker/writer and we will, for the time being, no longer publish written reviews. In-person meeting photos will resume. Keep in mind watching the You Tube video counts as a make-up. Let Becci know what meeting dates you watched and she will mark you as attended.
We will post the link to the last meeting video taped (see above) and photos from the meeting. NO TAPE FOR MARCH 18 MEETING.
March 18 - NO TAPE
Prospective Member Day
April 1, 2021
Speaker: Sgt. First Class Josh Guyse, Darkness into the Light
Prospective Member Day - Full Tables
Brad Hepp, Past President 2003-04; Robb Breding, Membership Committee, Karlen Padayachee, New Member
Raj Kumar, Jim Platt and Raj's Guest, Geetin Shaema
Toshie Metzger, Natalie Schultz, guest of Shelly Loberg, RCE Board Secretary 2020-21
Bridget Hallstrom, Membership Director 2020-2022, Fred Sylvester, Club Administration Director, 2019-2021
Guests of David Clynes were Steve Bower, Louis Dennard and Jennifer Miller
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