Due technical difficulty, the January 14th video was delayed. A link this meeting will be available at a later date. Check website for updates.  Back to the ZOOM only platforms and the continued excellent editing talents of C-Vision Productions (Chris Laskowski) it has been decided to make better use of the taped and edited meetings that are posted to You Tube and use them as our new "In Review" format. This will eliminate the duty of "The Barker" note taker/writer and we will, for the time being, no longer publish written reviews. In-person meeting photos will resume when we can meet again. Keep in mind watching the You Tube video counts as a make-up. Let Becci know what meeting dates you watched and she will mark you as attended.
We will post the link to the last meeting video taped (see above) and photos from the meeting. 
January 14, 2021, Speaker: Louis King, Summit Academy
Link to Video Delayed - Check the website for updates.