Overcome Random Acts of Marketing
May 18, 2023
Jennifer Zick, Founder/CEO of Authenticbrand
Overcome Random Acts of Marketing

Jennifer Zick is the founder and CEO of Authentic Brand, a national Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) firm that helps growing businesses to Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® and confidently take the next right step toward healthy growth. 

As a pioneer in the Fractional CMO space, Authentic Brand has built a reputation as a market leader, serving a growing ecosystem of small and mid-sized clients throughout the United States and globally.

A visionary leader, Jennifer sees Authentic Brand as a platform through which she has the opportunity to care deeply about people: employees, clients, partners, and friends. For Jennifer, entrepreneurship is less about growth for the sake of growth, and more about embracing and applying her God-given gifts, and creating opportunities for others to do the same. At Authentic Brand, this is called: Love your life, and love your work - in that order.

In addition to leading the team at Authentic Brand, Jennifer is wife to Ryan and mom to Evelyn, Owen and Bennett, and their beloved golden retriever, Gus. On the weekends during the winter, she can be found at the hockey rink cheering on her boys, and during the summer she enjoys time on the lake with her family at their cabin in Northern Minnesota.