Mayo Clinic—Radiology
Sep 06, 2018
Dr. John Wald
Mayo Clinic—Radiology

Dr. Wald is a consultant in the Department of Radiology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. His subspecialty training is in Neuroradiology with a focused interest in interventional spine and skull base procedures. He holds the academic rank of Professor. He will speak about "Mayo Clinic—Destination Medical Center."

Dr. Wald was born in Morristown, New Jersey. He attended Medical School at Georgetown University and completed his internship at Naval Hospital Bethesda. He pursued advanced training at the Naval Undersea Medical Institute and Naval Diving Training Center and served three years in the United States Navy as a Submarine/Diving Medical Officer. He completed his Radiology residency at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut. In 1995 Dr. Wald completed his fellowship training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, where he has been a senior staff consultant for the past 22 years.

Dr. Wald is a proven innovator, researcher and educator. He helped develop Mayo Clinic’s Neuroradiology image guide procedural program with a focus on head, neck and spine image guided interventions. He pioneered early adoption of spine augmentation procedures at Mayo Clinic at a time when few centers in the United States were performing these procedures. His published works are focused on conditions of the spine, but his portfolio spans Neuroradiology and also extends into the “Business of Health Care."

In addition to his clinical roles, Dr. Wald is also an active leader at Mayo Clinic. In 2013 he was named Mayo Clinic’s first Medical Director for Public Affairs and Marketing. Dr. Wald oversees a department of approximately 270 constituents.  As medical director, he provides physician leadership of marketing, sales, public relations and related business operations. He is responsible for maintaining and improving Mayo Clinic’s competitive position, developing brand equity and raising public awareness of Mayo Clinic’s objectives, initiatives and products.