Periodically we feature a newer member of the Rotary Club of Edina on our website. The Rotary Club of Edina welcomed Kelly Anderson as a member in August 2017. Kelly's sponsor to the club was John Buttolph.
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Name: Kelly Anderson                  
Classification: HR Outsourcing         
What was your first job? At 5 years old I started selling Christmas wreaths for a Wisconsin farm on an annual basis.
Who was your first role model and why? Don Mckenzie at Skateville. I wanted to own a place that gave kids and teenagers a place to go that would keep them out of trouble. I grew up in Farmington, Minnesota, and there was not much to do without traveling to Eagan or Burnsville. I was 14 when I started to work for Don and I will never forget the first time he was ever stern with me. I asked him why he did not make a certain change and his response was, YOU are young. Someday you will understand that choices have to be made. Once you own something you can make those choices. With owning something you must work for it and earn it. He taught me how important it is to work for what you want.
Why did you want to join Rotary? To make a positive impact on the community and grow my network with likeminded individuals. I believe that everyone adds value and everyone has purpose. When my husband and I started our art business 10 years ago, we made a active decision to give back a percentage every year regardless of our profit.
What do you like best about being part of the Rotary Club of Edina? The recognition the club received during my research. Due to my high involvement locally and nationally in the non-profit world, I have met or crossed paths with multiple individuals within the Edina Club. This has allowed my soft introvert personality to ease into becoming a member.
What one piece of advice do you offer other business leaders? Now is your opportunity to lift someone else up. Do not take for granted the impact you make on someone’s life. You will not always know when you have helped someone or changed something. Every choice you make is a chance to add value.
Thanks for being part of our club, Kelly!