Periodically we feature a newer member of the Rotary Club of Edina on our website. The Rotary Club of Edina welcomed Dave Phillips as a member in September 2017. Dave's sponsor to the club was Sandy Schley.
Name: David Phillips                 
Classification: Law       
What was your first job? Caddying at the old Edina Country Club. Although I enjoyed caddying, it never whetted my appetite to play the game.
Who was your first role model and why? My first and strongest role model was my father, Alan A Phillips. He was a wonderful all-around human being who showed me the way to be a man, and a good  husband and parent. He was a farm boy who rose to be the General Merchandise Manager of dear old Dayton’s Department Store, and was a leader in his church.  
Why did you want to join Rotary? My father was a Rotarian and deemed it a very worthwhile experience. The fact that Rotary is involved projects of local benefit and others around the world appeals to me. 

What do you like best about being part of the Rotary Club of Edina? While I enjoy the quality of the programs, I would say that the opportunity to interact with people, old friends and new acquaintances alike, tops my list. 
What one piece of advice do you offer other business leaders? While it's not original, I have always found a great deal of wisdom in this advice: If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.
Thank you for making an impact in our club, Dave!