Dear Rotary Friends:

Rotary Thanksgiving Baskets were delivered to 85 families in need of a good meal and Thanksgiving cheer.  Thank you for your support of this annual act of service and generosity.  Thanks to those of you who volunteered during the event, to those of you who assembled and delivered baskets, and to those of you who contributed canned goods or contributions to help stock our supplies for the big day. 
And a shout out to our partners in the Edina Morningside Rotary Club who generously support this event and participate in so many helpful ways.  Thank you, EMRC!

I am so grateful to share the determination of our Clubs to not let COVID prevent us from helping others in times of need.  So thanks for adapting to the changes we made in the event to help keep our people healthy, and thanks again for making this annual event a part of our Rotary life together.

Tom Cook
Edina Rotary Club
Thanksgiving Baskets Event Coordinator