"The City of Edina's Sustainability Division, Climate Action Plan, fits well with Rotary International's new seventh area of focus which is protecting our environment." says Sam Thompson, Rotary Club of Edina President. Click HERE to learn more about RI's areas of focus and scroll down to "Environmental Sustainability" under Protecting the Environment. To learn more and get the details about this important city project click READ MORE.
The City’s Sustainability Division is looking for business leaders to serve on a planning team for Edina’s Climate Action Plan (CAP).
Volunteers will meet about two hours per month from April to September. The CAP Planning Team will be comprised of about 20 people, from subject matter experts to community and business representatives. 
The CAP Planning Team will work to develop the plan, which is intended to guide action throughout the community and in the City’s municipal operations. The City’s current goals are to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2025 and 80 percent by 2050 and establish actions to enhance community resilience and adaptation to climate change.
Working closely with City staff and consultant paleBLUEdot, the team will provide support:
  • Reviewing, refining and prioritizing strategic goals and strategies
  • Exploring, reviewing, refining and prioritizing actions to achieve strategies
  • Identifying what the community needs to be empowered for near and long-term implementation
CAP Planning Team meetings will typically be held between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Most meetings will be an interactive workshop format to facilitate collaboration. The team will meet as a large group, as well as sub-teams. Each member of the team will be on one sub-team:
  • Group 1 – Transportation & Land Use, Solid Waste, Local Food & Agriculture
  • Group 2 – Buildings & Energy, Health & Safety
  • Group 3 – Water, Wastewater & Flooding; Green Space; Climate Economy
If you are interested in serving the community by being part of the CAP Planning Team, please contact Sustainability Coordinator Grace Hancock, 952-826-1621 or ghancock@EdinaMN.gov, before the end of March. For further project details click HERE and HERE