Please join The Rotary Club of Edina’s Leadership Series in December as we welcome Terrance W. Moore to share an interactive learning experience entitled “Solving Complicated Problems – How to Unwind the Spaghetti”. Register HERE or click the button in the righthand column. This session is open to the public so please forward this to your friends, colleagues, and employees so that can benefit as well.  See you there!
Terrance W. Moore is a bulldog lawyer who has been navigating high-stakes business situations for 30 years. He’s authored two books, “Big Force Negotiations”, and the forthcoming “The Bulldog Guide to Business Partnerships”. Terry has received the highest awards given by both Minnesota Lawyer magazine and the State Bar association. He practices with Hellmuth and Johnson right here in Minneapolis. Catch his show, “Moore About the World,” Sunday mornings on radio stations around Minnesota.
Solving Complicated Problems – How to Unwind the Spaghetti
Talk Description:
Grappling with complex business problems requires expertise in many areas, from finance to law to game theory. Terry Moore’s three-step problem solving system will provide you with the tools you need to attack and solve the most difficult problems. Whether the problems are confrontational, sensitive or just plain hard to figure out, this system can help you solve them. Participants will learn:
• The Six Pillars of Influence
• How to set the table to ensure the outcome you want
• How to create a strategic plan to deal with difficult or sensitive problems
• How to read minds (really!)
• How to clarify with preparation, control with prediction & close with power