. . . to connect with and support your fellow Edina Rotarians
Because, as Edina Rotarians, what we do best is reach out and serve, the Helping Hands initiative is now a part of the Membership Committee.  We want our members to know we care.  Click "Read More" for how it works.
How it works:
Once a year, each member will receive a call from a fellow member to check-in and connect, see how they’re doing and if there are any needs that we can
help with.
If you’re interested in being a Helping Hand member and contacting 10-15 fellow Edina Rotarians by reaching out and connecting by phone or Zoom, contact Jean Morrison at 612-804-2409 or jean@jeanmorrisonhr.com.  We will be making the contacts in January and February, 2022.
Thank you for considering service to fellow Edina Rotarians by offering your time and caring heart.
As Rotarians, we serve and connect with the world.  As a club, it’s important that we serve and connect with one another.