Did you know? You can still give blood if you…are a cancer survivor?

You are eligible to donate 1 year after a definitive course of treatment is complete and you are found to be cancer-free. Patients who have had certain forms of leukemia or lymphoma may be eligible after 5 years. Call 1-888-GVE-BLD to verify eligibility.

—Source: Memorial Blood Center "Did You Know"

Please RSVP To Be A Blood Donor on Thursday, Oct. 25, at Edina Country Club!

Every two seconds someone needs blood. Volunteer donors like you are the only people who can help. Please consider helping and Give Forward at our Edina Rotary Blood Drive on Thursday, Oct. 25! Memorial Blood Centers will have their bloodmobile in the parking lot of Edina Country Club.

Please register online if you are willing to help...we will accommodate your schedule and set appointments once we know who can help. (It takes less than an hour...complete with treats). Please invite family members, friends and neighbors to join you. 

Please contact President John Flynn or event chair Katy Campbell if you have questions. Thank you for your service to humanity!!