Topic: Enriching Lives by Helping People Make Music
Schmitt Music recently welcomed the fifth generation into the family-run business with two great-great grandsons of the founder Paul A. Schmitt joining the company! Peter Schmitt, son of Tom Schmitt, started in 2014 and soon led the development of the company's Orchestral Strings Division. In 2016, Ted Schmitt, son of VP and Co-owner Doug Schmitt, joined the company. After several roles in the company, Ted now serves as VP, Financing and Analytics.  For additional details, click Read More.

In 2021, after 36 years as President and CEO of Schmitt Music and 50 years at the company, Tom Schmitt has stepped into a new role as Executive Chairman, with his son Peter Schmitt taking the helm as incoming CEO.

"While the company's leadership is changing, our values and focus will remain the same," said Peter Schmitt in a letter to employees. "At its core, Schmitt Music is about more than simply selling instruments and lessons. It is about making connections—with each other and with our customers. It is about our people, the programs we offer, and how we participate in the communities we serve. I am humbled by the chance to carry forward the time-honored, customer-focused practices that have made Schmitt Music an industry leader for over a century.”