Let’s Work it Out… Resolving Conflict During Trying Times
What to Expect: 
Difficult and uncertain times put us at a higher risk of relationship tension, resulting in conflicts.  We are shorter-fused, less tolerant, and therefore, more at risk of being hooked by our emotions.  The use of self-control and other self-management techniques are important to calming our emotions and strengthening relationships.  In this session participants will learn techniques to:
  • Increase self-awareness- Begin to understand your response to stress
  • Improve self-management- Learn techniques that work for you
  • Resolve conflict- Learn to understand and collaborate with others in conflict
Jean Morrison is President of Morrison & Associates, Inc. a human resource management consulting firm serving the human resource management needs of businesses and organizations for over thirty years.  As an executive coach, consultant, and facilitator, Jean is highly recognized for her insight coaching and conflict resolution. Prior to founding Morrison & Associates, Inc., Jean held key management and officer positions with Pillsbury, Green Giant, Michigan National Bank, St. Joseph Bank & Trust, and Norwest Bank.  Jean is an adjunct instructor at the University of Minnesota teaching in the areas of conflict management, communication, and human resource management.  She provides presentations, workshops and keynote talks to hundreds of people each year.