Posted by Jennifer Bennerotte
The City of Edina has more than 200 miles of local roads that are used by residents, businesses, customers and guests. Eventually, old roads need to be reconstructed. This work can cost in the range of $600,000 to $1.5 million per mile. Typically, the cost of this work is borne by the property owners along the new road.
The City is considering funding alternatives that lessen the impact on the immediate property owners. One of the options being evaluated is the creation of a new local option sales tax. The additional sales tax would be 0.5%, equating to an additional 50 cents on each $100 purchase of taxable goods.
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This new tax is estimated to generate new revenue to pay for about half of the future street reconstruction cost. If implemented, this would allow the amount assessed to property owners to be reduced over time to about 50 percent and distribute a portion of the costs to all street users.
There is a lengthy legislative process to be navigated before a new local option sales tax could be implemented in Edina. After steps locally and at the Capitol, Edina voters would have to approve it in a special referendum. It could take at least a year and likely more before any such a local option sales tax could be implemented.
The Edina City Council is interested in hearing from local businesses before a new local option sales tax is pursued. Business owners and managers are encouraged to attend one of two upcoming meetings to hear a short presentation:
11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16
Braemar Golf Course Clubhouse
1:30 Thursday, Oct. 17
Edina Country Club
The Oct. 17 presentation is planned for Rotarians and will begin immediately after the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Edina. If you cannot stay for the presentation, please exit as quickly and quietly as possible so that the presentation can begin as scheduled.
For more information, please contact Jennifer Bennerotte, the City of Edina’s Communications & Technology Services Director, 952-833-9520.