Posted by Sandra Schley

The Rotary Club of Edina is working to assist a Minneapolis business damaged during civil unrest last summer.

Through a partnership with the Lake Street Council, several Rotary Clubs in Rotary International District 5950 are being paired with Minneapolis businesses damaged or destroyed in late May or early June 2020 to provide them assistance. Our club member's response has been swift and so very helpful for the owner, Amina Osman, visited our club on Thursday, May 27.

Brad Hepp has completed the insurance audit, Gary Pederson & Ryan Wilson are teaching her QuickBooks and helping her set up the company’s financials, Katy Campbell and her committee are working on marketing. We are currently looking for an electrician who can review the repairs made following the riot and determine what additional electrical work is needed. Post Plus also needs a review of some current legal documents and contracts. If you are interested in helping, contact Past President Sandy Schley, who is coordinating the project for the club on behalf of its Community Service and Race & Equity committees. Schley can be reached at 952-649-1236 or
The Rotary Club of Edina has been paired with Post Plus, a packing, shipping and mailbox rental store at 2740 Minnehaha Ave. Post Plus is located in Minnehaha Center, a mixed-use development with businesses on the street level and housing above. It is very close to the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct headquarters and the post office that was burned during protests that followed the police killing of George Floyd.
During the civil unrest, the building’s windows were broken out and Post Plus was ransacked. Due to street closures in the area, the business was inaccessible for a long period of time after that. When initial repairs were made, the contractor did not take into account the electrical needs of the business and outlets are no longer in strategic locations.
Post Plus owner Amina Osman’s family has owned the business since 2013. Besides Osman, the business employs one other person and another family member volunteers there.
Osman has requested help from Edina Rotarians in the following ways:
  • Review of current insurance policies and legal documents
  • Electrical audit and repairs
  • Development of a business plan
  • Accounting assistance, specifically training and assistance with QuickBooks
  • Marketing assistance, specifically development of a website and social media presence
  • Review of contracts
  • Mentoring in general business and leadership skills
“Things are moving quickly; we have a great business with a leader who is eager to learn and I have volunteers that I’m already lining up,” Schley said.
If you are not able to help with the project, please consider supporting Post Plus by using the business for your packing or shipping needs.