The Rotary Foundation Director David Clynes, with the help of Public Image Director Dan Hennen and President San Asato, recognized several Rotary Club of Edina members who have made donations to The Rotary Foundation and achieved Paul Harris Fellow status. The following Rotarians were honored:
  • David Phillips—PHF
  • Jennifer Shinners—PHF
  • Kevin Kalal—PHF
  • Ross Peterson—PHF+1
  • Wade Thommen—PHF+1
  • Dale Walker—PHF+1
  • Nate Wenner—PHF+1
  • Steve Buettner—PHF+2
  • Rich Kleber—PHF+2
  • Bob Gubrud—PHF+3
  • Dave Hatzung—PHF+4
  • Les Jones—PHF+4
  • Marie Pribyl—PHF+4
  • Sue Spalding—PHF+4
  • Susan Stiles—PHF+4
  • Bonnie Rolstad—PHF+5
  • Ron Erhardt—PHF+6
  • Mike Kallas—PHF+7
  • Gerry Norton—PHF+7
  • Dan Mott—PHF+8
Congratulations to all these Rotarians and their commitment to service, at home and around the world, through The Rotary Foundation.