Posted by Ann Platt
UPDATE: Feb. 28,2019
After four years of effort, today, at the Minnesota State Capitol, the Minnesota House Transportation and Finance Committee conducted a hearing on House Bill No. HF0593, which did pass - now it's on its way to the House Ways and Means Committee. 
Hopefully, this legislation will eventually lead to us being able to purchase special, Rotary International, Minnesota license plates for our cars and motorcycles. Thank you to all you Rotarians; especially, Rep. and Chief House Author Heather Alstad Edelson, my co-testifiers PDGs Tim Murphyand Kyle Haugen, our 17 (so far) co-authors of the legislation (including the House and Senate) and those who came out today to support us. — withPaul NelsonHeather Alstad EdelsonTim Murphy,Margaret Kinsella Johnson and Kyle Haugen.
On January 31, 2019, thanks to State Representative Heather Edelson, Rotary License Plate Legislation was reintroduced or as they say in the Legislature "dropped," which is a good thing.  Generally the word "dropped" usually has a negative connotation; but, in this case, it is exactly what we wanted to happen. 
A step closer to this being Minnesota!
HF 593 A bill for an act relating to motor vehicles; establishing Rotary International special license plates;​ proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 168.

Representative Edelson (District 49A) did an incredible job by securing a total of ten, bi-partisan authors for the Bill, which is more than we have ever had in years past.  This includes Representative Steve Elkins (District 49B). It has been referred to Transportation Finance and Policy.
Update: Senator Matt Little (District 58) has introduced a companion bill in the Senate, SF 1023.   Senators Melisa Franzen (District 49) and Dave Tomassoni (District 6) are co-authors.   It has been referred to Transportation Finance and Policy.   Here is the bill language.