Posted by Jennifer Bennerotte on Nov 19, 2018
The Edina Rotary Foundation recently sent $6,000 to Protect Me Project, a U.S.-based non-profit with a mission of educating and empowering Latin American children ages 3 to 9 on how to say “no” when confronted by an abuser.
Currently, Protect me Project has volunteer teams in Mexico, Argentina, The Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Volunteers work throughout Latin America to educate young families, enabling them to detect, report and prevent child sexual abuse, sexting, bullying, grooming, porn consumption, prostitution and other risky behaviors that make communities vulnerable to exploitation.

The local Rotary club’s international service grant will be used to facilitate the work of national boots-on-the-ground volunteers by providing printed, age-appropriate graphic novels and workbooks for children to
take home at no cost to them.
“When it comes to dollars spent for results gained, I can’t think of a better investment than empowering kids with the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves from potential abusers,” said Edina
Rotarian Jon Barnett. “The future impact for that child is tremendous. Young kids are powerless and Protect Me Project provides the tools needed to prevent the heartache of abuse by teaching skills needed
to handle the situation when it happens.

“Two of the six areas of focus for Rotary International are Women’s and Children’s Health and Education. This grant addresses both and we’re excited to be a part of the work that Protect Me Project is doing
throughout Latin America.”