“There are many small angels all around us who can see what has been done here,” said Dr. Willy Menendez, the chief of pediatrics at Hospital Regional de Escuintla. “We will save many more little lives.”
For the last five years Dr. Willy Menendez, chief of pediatrics, and Dr. Sonja Posadas, sub-chief of pediatrics with Hospital Nacional De Escuintla helped create the idea of the largest of its kind neonatal/pediatric intensive care unit in Guatemala. They held tightly to this dream and never wavered. They are doing great and wonderful work but the water at the hospital in not clean and runs for 20 minutes every two hours a day. Our club and those of other area Rotary clubs are looking to help their efforts of securing a Global Grant to build a safe, secure and reliable water treatment facility for the hospital.
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The infant and pediatric mortality rate in Central America is extremely high – seven times that of the US – and half of the population lives below the poverty line. Because the majority of people live in rural areas, they have difficulties to access to healthcare.  Designated areas for pediatric care are often inadequate or absent, and one of the most significant needs in Central America is the need for facilities to treat critically ill infants and children.
Join us to hear the extent of their work, the commitment they’ve made to the care and wellness of Guatemala’s beautiful children and their families.