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Home of Paul Mooty
5320 Kelsey Lane
Edina, MN 55436
United States of America

Autumn has arrived and it is time for the annual Fall Fireside Chats! We have five events scheduled for Rotarians to attend Oct. 18 through Oct. 22. All Fireside Chats begin at 7 p.m.

The final gathering is Friday, Oct. 22, at the home of Paul Mooty, 5320 Kelsey Terrace, Edina.

Held each spring and fall, the Fireside Chats are very informal social exchanges for members to enjoy and learn about Rotary and to get to know one another. The hosts are asked only to encourage discussion and a good time for all. It is a chance to meet our new members or reconnect with old friends!

The other gatherings are:

Monday, Oct. 18—Home of John Mazzara

Tuesday, Oct. 19--Home of Jim Ryman

Wednesday, Oct. 20—Home of Toshie Metzger

Thursday, Oct. 21—Home of David Hatzung

Friday, Oct. 22-- Home of Paul Mooty, 5320 Kelsey Terrace, Edina

Members are encouraged to come to all the Fireside Chats, or pick the one that best works with their schedule. We encourage everyone to register to allow the hosts to plan for the event.

New members—you are especially encouraged to attend one or all of the Fireside Chats! It is a great way to get to know your fellow Rotarians in a casual atmosphere. Let us know if you have questions.

For more information, contact Susan Johnson at