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Edina Country Club
5100 Wooddale Avenue
Edina , MN 55424
United States of America

David Marion is a nationally-known advocate for people struggling to overcome addiction and find recovery.

Using the adversity of his own story to inspire thousands of others to get help, today He is a Certified Intervention Professional and Recovery Coach and motivational speaker who “carries the message” of hope and healing.

David’s multiple addictions cost him everything; his wife and two daughters, a multi-million-dollar business, and nearly his life. He was sentenced to five years in the federal penitentiary where he found redemption and began to turn his life around.

He is the author of Addiction Rescue the No-BS Guide to Recovery, co-authored with his ex-wife Dana Golden.

Today David travels the country working with organizations and families to help those caught in the grip of addiction.  He lives in Minnesota.  His website is The Life Recovery Coach (