Edina Rotary Legacy Fund
Endowment Fund
The Edina Rotary Legacy Fund invests in Edina Rotary’s vision of a better world. Once planted, your tax-deductible gift provides ongoing funding for education, water, health, economic development and peace. What you give today secures Rotary’s tomorrow. The Edina Rotary Legacy Fund is the endowment portion of the Edina Rotary Foundation. The principal will always be there, and the earnings will help fund the many programs our members support:
• Local Community Service
Grants to organizations in the Edina area
• International Community Service
International grants, often in cooperation with Rotary International
• Youth Development Programs
• Scholarships
• International Exchange Programs
Building the endowment of our Foundation over time will substantially increase the impact we can make in our service mission. The more our fall fundraiser and gala can be augmented by earnings from our endowment, the more we can participate in programs serving youth and
international service.
Legacy of Service
A gift to the Edina Rotary Legacy Fund is the “gift that keeps on giving.” It represents an opportunity to fund Edina Rotary’s service mission beyond one’s own lifetime. The Edina Rotary Permanent Fund ensures that we are able to not only support the outreach and programs of
our communities today, we will also nurture future leaders of the Foundation so that they may carry on our legacy of service in the years to come.
Sound Stewardship
The Edina Rotary Legacy Fund is the endowment portion of the Edina Rotary Foundation, a Minnesota corporation. Its board of directors consists of the Officers of the Rotary
Club of Edina, and six at-large members of the Rotary Club of Edina who are elected for their legal, financial or other expertise beneficial to the Foundation. Good Stewardship is the cornerstone of foundation activity. An independent money management firm selects
the investments based on guidelines established by the Foundation and reviewed periodically. An Investment Committee establishes investment policy and monitors quarterly performance of the investment manager.
You can be confident that your Edina Rotary Legacy Fund contribution will be nurtured and preserved by caring Rotarians, thus providing lasting support to the local and global communities.
Named Funds
If you would like to direct your endowment gift toward a specific Edina Rotary program, you may do so with a gift of $25,000 or more. Please contact a member of the Foundation’s
Board of Directors for details.
Bequests and Deferred Gifts
Please keep the Edina Rotary Legacy Fund in mind when reviewing your will. Please contact us to review deferred giving arrangements for trusts and annuities.
For bequests and other deferred gifts:
Level 1 $25,000
Level 2 $50,000
Level 3 $100,000
Level 4 $250,000
#1 in the Universe $500,000
Plant your money where your heart is.