Dear Edina Rotary Community,

The Rotary Foundation was formally established in 1928 and made its first grant in 1930 for $500. Today, The Rotary Foundation contributes more than $100 million to causes that improve the lives of millions of people in over 165 countries every year. 

The key to our Rotary Foundation campaign for 2018-2019 and frankly every year is Participate.  The dollar amount of your gift is not the most important thing, but that you participate at some level — Every Rotarian Every Year, whatever is right for you.  If you’ve already pitched in to this year thank you — if you’ve yet to give to this Rotary year’s campaign the best time to do so is now.

Make your check out to:  “The Rotary Foundation”

and Mail it to:

David Clynes
Rotary Foundation Chair
5716 Bernard Pl
Edina, MN 55436-2453
Or to give online: CLICK HERE

The Rotary Club of Edina has a long history of support for The Rotary Foundation.  Our club has a high level of participation and our membership has been and continues to be very generous.  As a result, we have several Multiple Paul Harris Fellows and Major Donors.  Paul Harris Fellow and Major Donor pins are awarded to recognize levels of accumulated giving.  An explanation of this recognition program can be found here: CLICK HERE

As your foundation chair, my objectives are:

  • Educate club members about The Rotary Foundation, The Paul Harris Society, Bequest Society, and Foundation Grants
  • Encourage every Rotarian to give to The Rotary Foundation every year
  • Encourage all of us to promote the stories of the Rotary Foundation's worldwide successes.
The question of "Why give to the Rotary Foundation" can best be explained through personal stories but we offer these 3 videos to provide some background: Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3

Please contact me David Clynes with any questions and to find out more about how the Rotary Club of Edina is using these valuable resources to create opportunity and solutions for those in need, both locally and internationally.  You can also learn more at The Rotary Foundation web page CLICK HERE.

In the Spirit of Rotary

David Clynes

Edina Rotary
Rotary Foundation Chair 2017-2019