Background: Our club's last meeting fee rate increase was July 2016. In June, the Edina Country Club advised our Board of Directors the meal rate would increase 10% beginning July 1, 2022. The club has absorbed smaller rate increases in the past, but regrettably, we cannot absorb an increase of this size. Our Board has approved a meeting fee rate from $260 to $286 per quarter beginning July 1, 2022.
Definitions: “Meeting Fees” cover quarterly club overhead including meals and service cost. "Dues" cost of $75 covers international and district dues and will remain the same cost per quarter — for both for Fulltime Active & Senior Active Members.
What’s New: Effective July 1, October 1, 2022 and January 1 and April 1, 2023—Fulltime Active Member (with no guest or credit card usage fees) Rotary Dues and Meeting Fees: $361 (up from $335) per quarter.—Senior Active Member in-person meeting fees: $23 (up from $20 per meeting) for each meeting attended. Adult guests would pay the same amount.
If you have questions, comments or concerns, please speak with President Joe Hayes or incoming Treasurer, Paul Peterson.