Speaker Date Topic
Linda Dorn, Program Quality Dir. for Toastmasters Sep 23, 2021
NO MEETING - Gala Week Sep 30, 2021
Rev. Richard Coleman &Pastor Wayman Oct 07, 2021
The Path to Reconciliation

Rev.  Richard Coleman, Pastor Wayman A.M.E. and Dir of Hope United CDC- The path to reconciliation.

Tom Guetze, Live Life Happy Keynote Speaker Oct 14, 2021
"The 5 Secrets to Greater Happiness"
An award-winning speaker and best-selling author, Tom Guetzke has engaged and inspired audiences around the globe. Traveling to over 65 countries, Tom discovered the self-care
habits each one of us can use to boost the happiness in our lives! As a Happologist, Tom identified these proven Happy Habits from research in the fields of positive psychology,
neurology, and sociology. Tom holds a Masters and completed advanced Positive Psychology studies at Penn University and Yale. He is also a featured author in Think Positive, Live Happy, a
best-selling book in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  Sharing inspiring personal stories and thought-provoking research-based tools will give you a better understanding of the positive effects of happiness
on your health and your well-being. Tom is on a mission to change minds, hearts, and lives by enabling individuals and organizations to increase their happiness and joy!
Business Incentives Oct 21, 2021
Marianna Khauv, District 5950 Governor 2021-22 Oct 28, 2021
Andrea Hayden, MN. Twins Asst. Strength Coach Nov 04, 2021
Joanie Kraus, Director of Sales, KARE 11 TV Nov 18, 2021
Thanksgiving Day Basket Assembly Nov 24, 2021
NO MEETING - Thanksgiving Nov 25, 2021
Paul Walser, President NADA and Dealership Owner Dec 02, 2021

Paul Walser, President NADA and local dealership owner

Paul Grangaard, Faribault Woolen Mills, CEO Dec 09, 2021

Paul Grangaard, Chairman and CEO, Faribault Woolen Mills

No Lunch Meeting - Holiday Evening Party Dec 16, 2021
NO MEETING - Winter Break Dec 23, 2021
NO MEETING - Winter Break Dec 30, 2021
Issac Orr, American Experiment Fellow Jan 06, 2022
Expert on Energy Choice and Policy
Kendall Qualls, founder, TakeCharge Minnesota Jan 13, 2022
Bill Lentsch, V.P. Delta Airlines Customer Service Jan 20, 2022
To Be Determined Jan 27, 2022
Frank M. White, Historian and Author Feb 03, 2022
Book Author, "They Played for the Love of the Game" - Negro Baseball Leagues in Minnesota

Frank M. White is a former athlete, coach, official, and sports administrator. He currently coordinates the RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program for the Minnesota Twins.  He gained national notoriety with his book "They Played for the Love of the Game." 

A century before Kirby Puckett led the Minnesota Twins to World Series championships, Minnesota was home to countless talented African American baseball players, yet few of them are known to fans today. During the many decades that Major League Baseball and its affiliates imposed a strict policy of segregation, black ballplayers in Minnesota were relegated to a haphazard array of semipro leagues, barnstorming clubs, and loose organizations of all-black teams—many of which are lost to history.

They Played for the Love of the Game recovers that history by sharing stories of African American ballplayers in Minnesota, from the 1870s to the 1960s, through photos, artifacts, and spoken histories passed through the generations. Author Frank White's own father was one of the top catchers in the Twin Cities in his day, a fact that White did not learn until late in life. While the stories tell of denial, hardship, and segregation, they are highlighted by athletes who persevered and were united by their love of the sport. 

Katie Simpson, V.P. Bank of America Feb 10, 2022
John Magnuson, Ex. Dir, MARRCH Feb 17, 2022

John Magnuson, Ex. Dir, MN. Assn. of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health

Mike Rakun, Owner, Mill Valley Kitchen & Group Feb 24, 2022
To Be Determined - HELD OPEN Mar 03, 2022
Hoss Al-Gassid, Mgr. Martin Patrick (Retail) Mar 10, 2022
Chris Newhouse, Matter, Dir. Ag. Programs Mar 17, 2022

Chris Newhouse, Matter, Dir. Ag. Programs, topic :  Zimbabwe